Christmas photo contest by Laguiole

Forge de Laguiole awaits your best shots!

With the holiday season upon us, beautiful home decorations and table settings are created. Your Christmas display will surely include your Laguiole finery, like carving or table knives, slates and specialty items. We’d like to invite you to share your delightful holiday moments with us! Budding photographers can compete by using their imagination – think of a beautiful Laguiole knife in a traditional setting but don’t forget an ‘out of the box’ approach is also possible (with a Laguiole object near the Christmas tree for example J.)

The winner will receive a beautiful set of Forge de Laguiole knivestable


1- From December 15, 2015 to January 5, 2016 please send us a photo via private message on the Laguiole Forge Facebook page along with your details such as name, address, email and telephone number so we can contact you if you win.

2- On January 6, an album with pictures will be posted on the Facebook page

3- From January 6 to 16, we’d like you to accumulate as many likes as you can by voting for your favorite photo and sharing the “Laguiole Christmas Contest” post with as many friends as you can.

4- On January 17, the winning photo will be announced and its author will receive a confirmation email.

DON’T FORGET: On January 6th, it is up to you to share the contest on your Facebook account in order to receive the most votes!

The whole team at Forge de Laguiole is eagerly awaiting your photos to share in your festive ‘Laguiole’ moments.

Contest Rules

This contest is limited to one photo entry per person per category.

The deadline for submitting your photos is set for Tuesday, January 5th at midnight.

Only photos of knives with a visible Forge de Laguiole inscription will be accepted.

By sending in your photos to the Forge de Laguiole Manufacture, you agree to Forge de Laguiole’s operating rights and public sharing of these images on the company’s communication channels and in print.

Your contact information will not be used commercially.

The Forge de Laguiole team reserves the right to refuse received photographs.


Le guillochage, travail dorfèvrerie, est un ciselage composé de lignes, de traits ondés qui sentrelacent sur le ressort pour le couteau pliant ou sur la soie pour le couteau de table.Couteaux de table Andrée Putman pour Forge de Laguiole en ébène Table knives by Andrée Putman for Forge de Laguiole in ebonyCouteau et fourchette en thuya Forge de Laguiole pour sublimer le plaisir dêtre à table.  Knife and fork in thuja Forge de Laguiole to sublimate the pleasure of being at the table.
Le couteau pliant Forge de Laguiole, votre incontournable compagnon au quotidien!Coffret couteaux Forge de Laguiole en bois dolivier Set of Forge de Laguiole table knives in olivewoodCouteaux pliants Forge de Laguiole - lexcellence artisanale dun tranchant dexception.  Forge de Laguiole folding knives - The craft excellence of an exceptional edge.
FORGE DE LAGUIOLE Couteau réalisé par Stéphane Rambaud en molaire de mammouth bleu Art cutlery by Stéphane Rambaud in blue mammouth molarVisitez Forge de Laguiole Manufacture de couteau au cœur de lAubrac.  Forge de Laguiole manufacture can be visited for freeCouteau de poche Forge de Laguiole #DesignOraito
Couteau pliant Forge de Laguiole au coeur de lAubrac  Forge de Laguiole pocket knife made in Aubrac - FranceLe plateau de lAubrac. C’est dans cet environnement grandiose et rude qu’est née lhistoire des couteaux de paysans Laguiole en 1828 dont les manches étaient fabriqués à partir de cornes et de bois locaux et l ’acier trempé dans l ’eau de la Selves. Forge de Laguiole puise sont énergie dans ce plateau.