Forge de Laguiole, the story of an icon

Forge de Laguiole is in line with the values of the blacksmith as far as the precision of ancestral gestures passed on from generation to generation is concerned.

Lame rouge forgée dans les ateliers Forge de Laguiole. Copyright Bálint Pöcneczi / Bloomberg

Blades forged in Forge de Laguiole workshop. Copyright Bálint Pöcneczi / Bloomberg

Where we are based

In 1987, thanks to the commitment of passionate people, the village of Laguiole recover a forge.

All the steps of the manufacturing of the famous Laguiole knife once again takes place in the core of the place of its birthplace, in the remarkable Forge de Laguiole workshop designed by the famous French designer Philippe Starck



Made from glass and aluminum, the workshop features an 18m high gleaming blade soaring into the sky of the Aubrac plateau, a symbol of the modernism and dynamism of the company while reminding the ancestral know-how that characterizes the village of Laguiole and its territory.

Atelier de coutellerie Forge de Laguiole. Copyright Bálint Pöcneczi / Bloomberg

Forge de Laguiole workshop. Copyright Bálint Pöcneczi / Bloomberg

25 years later, a lot of water has flowed into the Selves (Laguiole river). Awarded with Living Heritage Company in 2008, Forge de Laguiole keeps on evolving its manufacturing process, implementing the most sophisticated techniques in its workshop.

Prestigious collector knives

Couteaux d’art réalisés par Virgilio Munoz et Stéphane Rambaud

Couteaux d’art réalisés par Virgilio Munoz et Stéphane Rambaud

Thanks to exceptional pieces designed and magnified by the ancestral know-how of our master cutlermen Virgilio Muñoz, « best France knifemaker » and Stéphane Rambaud , awarded with Gold medal from the Nogent Cutlery and also by prestigious designers such as Philippe Starck, Jean-Michel Wilmotte, Andrée Putman, Olivier Gagnère, Matali Crasset, Yan Pennor’s, Eric Raffy,, Christian Ghion, Catherine & Bruno Lefebvre, Ora-Ito… the Forge de Laguiole knife is today an icon of the French cutlery.



FORGE DE LAGUIOLE Couteau réalisé par Stéphane Rambaud en molaire de mammouth bleu Art cutlery by Stéphane Rambaud in blue mammouth molarVisitez Forge de Laguiole Manufacture de couteau au cœur de lAubrac.  Forge de Laguiole manufacture can be visited for freeCouteau de poche Forge de Laguiole #DesignOraito
Couteau pliant Forge de Laguiole au coeur de lAubrac  Forge de Laguiole pocket knife made in Aubrac - FranceLe plateau de lAubrac. C’est dans cet environnement grandiose et rude qu’est née lhistoire des couteaux de paysans Laguiole en 1828 dont les manches étaient fabriqués à partir de cornes et de bois locaux et l ’acier trempé dans l ’eau de la Selves. Forge de Laguiole puise sont énergie dans ce plateau.
Couteaux de table Andrée Putman pour Forge de Laguiole en ébène Table knives by Andrée Putman for Forge de Laguiole in ebonyCouteau et fourchette en thuya Forge de Laguiole pour sublimer le plaisir dêtre à table.  Knife and fork in thuja Forge de Laguiole to sublimate the pleasure of being at the table.
Coffret couteaux Forge de Laguiole en bois dolivier Set of Forge de Laguiole table knives in olivewoodCouteaux pliants Forge de Laguiole - lexcellence artisanale dun tranchant dexception.  Forge de Laguiole folding knives - The craft excellence of an exceptional edge.11 CM TRADITIONAL LAGUIOLE KNIFE - PREMIUM WOODS - SATIN FINISH - STAI | Forge de Laguiole USA